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Our mission

In 2017, on a global scale, stocks of sea products were estimated at 34,2% unsustainable exploited, 59,6 % fully exploited and 6,2% underfished (SOFIA – FAO 2020). If this situation was to go on, it might compromise the future of an entire economic sector: from fishermen, fishmongers and restaurant’s owners to consumers. The main objective of Mr.Goodfish is to raise the awareness of both the entire fishing industry and consumers on this situation and to offer simple and positive solutions. If we all followed Mr.Goodfish’s advice and purchased a species at least once a year, we could save 18 000 tons of threatened species. It’s only with a joint effort from the fish industry and the consumers that the economy of fishery will be saved and we’ll be able to keep on consuming sea products in the future.

“Choosing the right fish is good for the sea and good for you ”

The Mr.Goodfish logo is a benchmark for all seafood consumers, today in France, Spain, Monaco and Italy and tomorrow in all countries around the world.

  • For professionnals

Since 2010, Mr.Goodfish has been present on the ground to get professionnals to join the programme. As they become members, restaurant owners and fishmongers commit to suggesting a minimum of two species on their menus and five species on their stalls. Wholesale fish merchants, processors and fish industry professionals may also join the programme.

All professionals receive a communication kit enabling them to promote sea products recommended by Mr.Goodfish. Joining the Mr.Goodfish programme is a responsible and wilful act wich contributes to a sustainable management of resources. On a daily basis, Mr.Goodfish assists professionals with team training sessions, regular follow-ups through questionnaires and polls, phone calls, newsletters and the development of dedicated communication tools.

  • For the general public

With their commitment, professionals provide a new kind of offer to the public. As restaurant or fishmongers customers, consumers are given a choice and an alternative. They can decide to act positively on the future, purchase sea products and still allow themselves the possibility to keep in finding some tomorrow.

  • For youth

Along with professionals, youth has been a prime target for the Mr.Goodfish programme right from the beginning. Aquariums involved in the programme offer educational activities inside their establishments or in schools. Chefs can also get involved by suggesting seasonal and sustainable products from the sea to their students.